SaaS Entrepreneur

SaaS Entrepreneur List of Figures

Front matter

F-1  Percentages of SaaS companies developing mobile application interfaces for their systems
F-2  Revenue growth of SaaS companies
F-3  Profitability of SaaS companies
F-4  Reasons to purchase SaaS as seen by SaaS providers

Chapter 1

Communinty management integration in SaaS1-1  Percentage of SaaS firms integrating analytics into their systems
1-2  Data points measured by SaaS analytics systems
1-3  Data points measured by SaaS analytics systems
1-4  Activities supported by SaaS community systems
1-5  Percentage of SaaS companies incorporating requirements management into their systems
1-6  In thirty plus years, the narrative about product management in software has not changed
1-7  Major new release frequency of SaaS companies
1-8  Agile methodology usage by SaaS Companies
1-9  CivicPlus community management subscriber interface

Chapter 2

2-1  Most popular acronyms/terms for Software as a Service applications
2-2  CallPro CRM competitive analysis matrix
2-3  CallPro CRM sales productivity analysis
2-4  CallPro positioning statement
2-5  Primary concerns about SaaS by potential subscribers
2-6  Primary source of leads for SaaS firms
2-7  Most effective indirect lead generation programs for SaaS companies
2-8  Top five most and least effective indirect lead generation programs for SaaS companies
2-9  Number of marketing leads generated per month
2-10  Number of marketing leads generated per month by company revenue size
2-11  Cost of marketing leads
2-13  Usage of marketing automation systems by SaaS companies
2-14  Most widely used marketing automation systems by SaaS companies
2-15  Importance of UDL/BANT in determining status of sales qualified lead
2-16  Sample SaaS sales funnel
2-17  Freemium usage by SaaS companies
2-18  Freemium conversion to paid sales by SaaS companies
2-19  Trial access sage in SaaS systems
2-21  Access to trial system without speaking to a sales person
2-22  Primary pricing models by SaaS
2-23  Most popular subscription lengths for SaaS firms
2-24  Percentage of SaaS firms offering discounts
2-25  Discount percentages offered by SaaS firms for multi-year subscription commitments

Chapter 3

3-1  Primary means of selling product by SaaS companies
3-2  Main secondary means of selling your SaaS
3-3  Primary means of selling product by SaaS companies by company revenue
3-4  Time to close major sales — SaaS vs. on-premise software
3-5  Direct sales compensation models — SaaS vs. on-premise software
3-6  Base salary paid to direct sales representatives — SaaS vs. on-premise software
3-7  Average variable commission paid to direct sales representatives—SaaS vs. on-premise software
3-8  Yearly sales quotas — SaaS vs. on-premise software
3-9  Yearly sales quotas — SaaS vs. on-premise software by company size
3-10 Time between close of sales and receipt of commission by SaaS sales personnel

Chapter 4

4-1  SaaS providers use of agent programs
4-2  SaaS providers use of OEM reselling
4-3  SaaS providers use of distributors
4-4  SaaS providers use of VARs
4-5  Recurring revenue margins for SaaS resellers
4-6  Payment model by SaaS providers to VARs
4-7  Sample reseller portal home page
4-8  Sample reseller portal marketing tool page
4-9  SkyAppMarket subscriber home screen

Chapter 5

5-1  Methods used by SaaS firms to manage their billing operations
5-2  Percentage of gross revenue paid by SaaS firms for billing services
5-3  Percentage of SaaS firms offering escrow agreements
5-4  Percentage of SaaS firms providing fallover guarantees
5-5  Percentage of SaaS firms hosting their infrastructure internally vs. outsourcing
5-6  Percentage of gross revenues spent by SaaS firms on maintaining their infrastructure internally
5-7  Percentage of gross revenues spent by SaaS firms on outsourcing their infrastructure
5-8  Types of outsource infrastructure models used by SaaS firms
5-9  Percentage of SaaS firms using SSAE 16-compliant infrastructure
5-10  Percentage of SaaS firms using ISO 27001-certified infrastructure
5-11  Service availability by percentage of ‘9s’
5-12  Baseline service availability offered by SaaS firms
5-13  Relative cost of service availability by ‘9s’

Chapter 6

6-1  Most implemented Agile development methodologies
6-2  Agile methodology usage by SaaS Companies by development type
6-3  Most implemented Agile development methodologies
6-4  Support by SaaS firms for APIs
6-5  Support by SaaS firms for APIs by company revenue
6-6  Multi-tenant architecture usage by SaaS firms
6-7  Reasons to not implement multi-tenant architecture by SaaS firms
6-8  Usage of Open Source by SaaS companies
6-9  Percentage of companies incorporating Open Source into their systems by revenue size of company
6-10  Percentage of SaaS companies outsourcing primary development
6-11  SaaS customer life cycle
6-12  First Data on-premise interface
6-13  First Data SaaS redesign user interface
6-14  PRN on-premise interface
6-15  PRN SaaS redesign user interface

Chapter 7

Capture7-1  SaaS companies offering paid support programs
7-2  Types of free support programs SaaS companies provide their subscribers
7-3  Support levels offered by SaaS companies
7-4  Customer service titles
7-5  SaaS company annual re-subscription rates
7-6  SaaS company re-subscription rates;
crosstab by company revenue size
7-7  SaaS customer service metrics
7-8  Sample customer service
rating (weighting) matrix (CSRM)

Chapter 8

8-1  SaaS companies offering professional services
8-2  Professional serviced provided by SaaS companies
8-3  Percentage of revenue generated by SaaS firms from sales of professional services

Chapter 9

9-1  Irish VAT collection matrix

Chapter 10

10-1  Primary geographic markets for SaaS sales
10-2  Participation by SaaS firms in worldwide markets
10-3  Revenue generation in international markets by SaaS firms
10-4  Top 10 Worldwide SaaS Markets by revenue and percentage
10-5  Top 10 Worldwide SaaS Markets by revenue
10-6  SaaS revenues by region — North America
10-7  SaaS Revenues by Region — Latin America
10-8  SaaS revenues by region — Asia Pacific
10-9  SaaS revenues by region — North America vs. Latin America
10-10  SaaS Revenues by Region — Europe, Middle East, Africa
10-11  SaaS Revenues by Region — East Asia, Australia/New Zealand
10-12  Priava legacy UI screen
10-13  Priava SaaS product interface screen
10-14  Priava ROI breakdown

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